*Eerie Fashion Illustration

*Eerie Fashion Illustration are "Spiritual Treasures"

They are illustrations taken straight from my heart, my soul.

I wanted to show using just ball-pen, ink and fluorescent markers the beauty, simplicity yet complexity of traditional illustration and the artistic expression which comes within.

inspired by Peter Farago photography

''Red Lips On Sofa"

''Zwei Joannas"


''Ms. Rauschenberg"

''I Cant Swim"

''Madame Madame"

''Emmy Sturm"

"Black Ships On A White Sheep Asshole"

"Dolores Help Me

- P.S. Walk My Dog"

"I Am Selfridges"

"Ms. Gajurujin Kean"

"Spot On"

"Azva, My Sick Shadow"

"I Want To Make A* World A Better Place, Cindy"

"Hello?? 911?? There Has Been A Murder On My Persona
Oh! Hello???, I Just Want It To Ask If You Have Spare Ketchup Maybe???
I've Just Broke My Last Heinz Down. Wish You Were Here, Ruby"

"The Way I Do It Is The Best Way To Do It,

Honest! You Won't Find On The Internet The Better Way To Do It
Love, Jessica"

"Keep Me In Mind"

"I Am A Devil's Woman, And I Smoke Electronic Cigarette"

"On The Horizon I See You"

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