The Weight Of Air Above It

"The Weigh Of Air Above It" is a series of images I have done for Visual Storytellers contest presented by Lens Culture. The idea behind this series was to capture landscapes and nature I'm passing by on my road cycling trainings. I'm covering a lot of km especially in the spring-summer-autumn season even up to 600k per week or weekend so naturally I take my mobile phone or camera to capture the beauty of my surrounding. I tried to experiment with the in-camera settings like multiple exposures or long exposures with flash light and additional movement and then combine it with nature's elements like leaves, flowers, twigs etc. which I scanned in 16bit mode to give it as much depth as possible. I used also rough sketches painted with acrylics with added charcoal and then when I had all these things ready in my computer I've started to digitally assemble all the pieces together to give my photos new life and quality.

All artworks are for sale in ultra limited editions over here:

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